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I’m Andrew, a product designer in San Francisco, CA that has a huge love for baking. For years, I’ve been whipping up desserts to share with friends and family.

It all started one summer day in 2010. I wanted cupcakes and decided to bake. The next day, I brought them into work for my friends to enjoy, finding out I had a secret talent and passion. Ever since, I’ve been experimenting and taking classes to try new things.

I hope you can find a little therapy in baking as much as I do. Thanks for reading!


About Cake Therapy

The name comes from my love of how baking is a form of therapy for me. I find baking desserts allows me of be creative and reduce my stress. It’s also really exciting to see my friends and family enjoy the baked goods I make.

I hope in the future, you find it easy to bake my recipes and enjoy them on your own. My hope is everyone gets to find their form of therapy from baking as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I received my license this year and am permitted to sell in California. My permit number is CFO B 67733120 in San Francisco County.

It really depends on how much time I have and what ingredients I have stocked, but I try to as least once a week.

I’ve taken a few classes that range from Pastry Fundamentals to Macaron classes, but nothing formal. My university background is in Information Technology and Design, which has helped me be technical in my baking.

I usually pick something that I want to bake, research it, and then add my own spin in it. I’ll test it a few times to make sure it’s good before posting it here or getting it approved to sell.

Probably cupcakes or anything with cinnamon, but my favorite recipe so far has to be my Sticky Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Buns.

Yes, please contact me if you’d like to work with on something special!